Friday, August 21, 2009


My sister once warned me, 'there is no glamor in the first trimester of pregnancy'. She couldn't have been more right.

For 13 weeks, I have vomited on most days, slept 12 hours plus a night, taken 3 hour naps, had zero motivation, and have struggled with a lack of appetite. In recent weeks, a 'not so sexy' beer gut has developed in my midsection. Today, I shopped for elastic band waisted bottoms as I have grown out of my pre-pregnancy bottoms. Elastic band? Uggh.

Before this pregnancy, I envisioned the first trimester food cravings to be eclectic, daring, and creative. I was so excited about the creative eating that pregnancy allowed. I imagined myself eating Doritos dipped in vanilla frosting, pizza and blue cheese dressing, and pickles galore. The only thing I could manage to stomach for weeks was pepperoni pizza, general tso's Chinese chicken, ramen noodles, Nana's pepperoni sauce, and ice cream. Fish of any sort was my trigger food...and by trigger, I mean if it was cooked within 50 feet of me, it would send me running to the porcelain Goddess. This was not ideal as my husband has a love for fishing and for the first time, has a residential lobster license in the state of Maine.

My first trimester is officially over. We have shared the exciting news of our pregnancy, and now, friends and family are touching and eyeing my tummy with excitement.
Whats even more crazy? I wouldn't change anything about the last 13 weeks. These unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy reminded me everyday of what was happening inside my body. Every trip to the bathroom, and the many days waisted napping on the couch, were all a reminder of what this all means.

Rich and I are going to have a baby! Better yet, we are having 2!

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