Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Photographic Commute

I've always been lucky with commutes. For a while it was a bike ride through central park -- 50 blocks of trees, racoons, eagles, and ponds full of turtles, swans and giant carp. Then it was along the Hudson River bike path -- 100 blocks with views on the ferries an tugs working one of America's biggest waterways and with the cliffs and hills ofNew Jersey in the background. I once saw a seal in the Hudson, about 10 yards off the path around 100th Street. Guess he wanted to see Harlem. Now that we're in Dakar, I get a stretch of ocean road along the westernmost tip of Africa. Here are some of the sights:

Dirt road out of my hood.

Up the hill past the lighthouse.

Behind the African Renaissance Monument

Along the cliffs

That overlook the Ouakam mosque

And the fishing village

Down the Corniche

Past the Machete Man

And some other odd roadside items

Into the 'leafy suburb' of Point E

To the traffic jam

Dodge the bus that says 'Praise be to God' on the front

And to the street my office is on.

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