Monday, August 9, 2010

Yes dear

Kelly makes an emergency call to Rich, who is swamped at work.
'Rich I need you to come home from work right away.' She gasped.

'What's going on? ' he asked.

'There's a lizard in the kitchen,' Kelly said.
'A what?' Rich asked.

'A lizard. A huge, black, yellow spotted lizard.' Kelly said frantically.

'Ummm. Well...I'm a bit busy at work right now, ' Rich calmly said.

'But, but, but....IT'S A LIZARD. A GIANT LIZARD. AND YVONNE SAID IT WAS GOING TO GROW TO AT LEAST A FOOT AND HALF BIG. And it has a giant tongue. I'm really freaked out babe,' Kelly whined.

And she went on... 'And Yvonne is gone, and Astoo is scared of it too. Sonko won't be here until 6.' And she kept going on and on.

'Okay babe.' Rich said (equivalent to 'yes dear')

**Update: That evening Richard nor Sonko could find the lizard. Eveytime Kelly opened a cabinet or closet door, she would hold her breath, wondering if the lizard was around. She did not get much sleep, between thoughts of lizard and Dylan's 4 am concertos.

The next day, when Yvonne was in the kitchen, she let out our a scream that was probably heard in the United States. The lizard was under the refridgerator in the kitchen. A construction worker from next door, came equipped with a cardboard box and a stick... We were rescued.
Not sure where the lizard is living now....possibly at our neighbors house, the Habre's.

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