Tuesday, January 4, 2011


A year in review…

- Rang in the New Year lying flat at Maine Med for 12 more days. (90 in total)

- Became a Mom.

- Laird Robert and Dylan Gundars arrived at 2:46 and 2:47 am on January 13th.

- My rock stars came home from the hospital after just 2 weeks in the NICU.

- Moved to Africa when Laird and Dylan were 8 weeks old.

- Became homeowners and landlords living in another continent.

And all in 11 months they:

Rolled over. Sat up. And stood up. Co-slept with one another until 6 months old. Grew 4 teeth each. Started crawling. Went from nursing, to bottle, to sippy cups. Rice cereal to…almost eating everything we are. Learned to say Mama, Dadda, Bye Bye (and Gbagbo). Had over 15 slumber parties without Mommy and Daddy with loving Grandparents. Got 3 new cousins. Made 5 cross-Atlantic flights between Africa and the States.

Laird and Dylan, this is such a wonderful life with you…. Everyday you both amaze me.

2010 thank you for all you brought us. Thank you for everything you taught us, the strength you gave us, and most of all, thank you for all the love that forever will surround us.



11 months later...

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  1. And what a joyful year it has been!!! Love the wonderful video of my twinnies, love yous!!! Mimi(aka Mumma)