Monday, April 25, 2011

Bumps, Bruises, and Downward Facing Dog

Last week Laird and Dylan both got their first major 'boo-boo's'.

Laird's injury happened when I was at work. In fact, it happened 5 minutes before my 1st grade class arrived. If you have a child that has been in the care of someone else, whether it's daycare, a baby-sitter, or a relative, then I'm sure you have experienced the 'come home fast' phone call.

Astou calmly said, 'Something has happened...'... and then my stomach dropped.

Laird was fine, but had a giant goose-egg the size of a golf ball on his forehead. The day after, the injury looked a lot worse, as in between his eyes turned blue-green from the bruising. Apparently Laird and Dylan were having a 'tug of war' over their favorite toy. Clearly Dylan won the struggle, and the favorite toy has gone into hiding.

Laird and his goose-egg.

Then, a few days later in Somone, little Dylan, fell and got a large rug burn on the side of his face. To make him feel better, all the boys wore band-aids on their faces that day.

Dylan and his rug burn.
(And his amazing talent of drinking from a sippy cup using no hands.)

On a lighter note, Laird has discovered the yoga position, downward facing dog. He loves to do it, and will giggle with pure joy when viewing the world upside down.

Upside down is the way to go!

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