Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Breaking our Own Rules, Part I

Dad and the boys
Once or twice a month on Saturday night, we have been taking the boys to the local Pizzeria.  It's a special treat for them because the kitchen does not open until 7 pm, just 1/2 an hour shy of the boys' bedtime.  We arrive as the sun is setting, order a special 'cocktail' for the boys, have a toast, do some coloring, play with pizza dough, and also play on the world's most unsafe playground.

Laird and Dylan know that these evenings are a special treat, and are giddy with excitement and glee.  They love to see the moon and the stars and understand they are up way past their bedtime.

'Mama, Laird loves loves loves loves to go to Sao Brazil', Laird says every time we arrive at the pizzeria.

Every now and then, it's good to break your own rules.

Dylan loves making artwork!

Laird and his 'funny cocktail face'!

The Merry Go Round.

The 'kids' on a double swing.

Happy Laird.

Watching the chef make the pizza.

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