Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Laird and Dylan have been going to French preschool everyday since September.  They love going to school and adore their teachers.  It's hard to believe that their French is far stronger than their English right now.  Mom and a few friends are the only source of English here in Senegal.  In fact, Laird helps translate when Mom needs a helping hand speaking French!

Here is a video from their Christmas Party.  It was a beautiful and festive evening full of song, dance, food, a guest comedian performance, and even a visit from Santa.

Laird and Dylan,
Mom and Dad burst into tears while you were performing.  (Note the jiggly camera footage.)  We are so proud of you, and the wonderful little men you are becoming.  Everyday is such a gift.  Dylan, you love to check in with how we are all feeling.  Dylan will say, 'Mom, are you happy?  Dad are you happy?  Laird, are you happy?"  My sweet son, we are more than happy.  We are over the moon.  Everyday I wonder if my heart will burst because it is so full of love.  Merry 2nd Christmas Laird and Dylan.  We love you so much.  Love, Mom and Dad

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