Monday, January 21, 2013

Please Welcome: Toots and Djembuh

It's not everyday the babysitter shows up with a surprise birthday gift for 2 toddlers.  Rather, it's not everyday someone shows up with 2 live rabbits without consulting with the parents.

Nonetheless, Astou, our former Nanny, rang our doorbell full of excitement and joy as she couldn't wait to give Laird and Dylan their special birthday gift.  She couldn't stop giggling, and despite the initial shock of 2 rabbits being dropped off in a cardboard box (without food or a cage), I began to process that these 2 little rabbits would be a wonderful addition.

Dylan without hesitation named his rabbit 'Toots' and Laird thoughtfully looked around the room for a name, coming up with Djembuh.  (Djemboy is the 2 year old boy who living next door in a corrugated metal structure.  He recently went to Guinea for a few weeks.)

Dylan and Toots

Laird and Djembuh

Laird and Dylan LOVE to eat carrots.  I had a hard time keeping them in the house before these rabbits arrived!

Laird and Dylan love to pet and feed these little animals.  And I am over the moon that my veggie scraps do not go to waste.  They eat constantly.

Now let's just keep our fingers crossed that these rabbits are the same sex!

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