Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bursting Heart

This week I began a three month intensive French course at the French Institute. Monday I drove home from class as quickly as possible as I missed the boys. When I entered the boys' room, Laird looked at me, gave me a huge toothless smile, and squealed with delight.

I thought my heart was going to burst.

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  1. Kelly, you look soooo happy! Miss you every day. I hope you have many "bursting heart" episodes in your life. You deserve them! I'm relaxing in bed right now but will soon be busy writing IEPs. I'll bet you don't miss all that work -- or do you? You certainly don't look like you miss anything. I haven't been online in a very long time due to the fact that my computer died. It took me a long time to decide on what to buy. I finally got a 13in. MacBook Pro. Love it. I can actually put my feet up while I'm on the computer. Now I have to catch up with 1000+ emails! The boys look soooooo cute! How can you stand it! It looks like you've got some wonderful help, too. Everyone is all smiles. The pictures from Dakar and the small island you visited look like postcards of wonderful places to visit around the world. You are lucky to have this wonderful experience in your life. Laird and Dylan will have so many pictures to remind them of the adventures they once had when they were little. Keep the pictures coming. Talk to you soon.