Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pomme de terre s'il vous plait

Toubobs usually do their grocery shopping at a supermarket called Casino. It's a typical supermarket fully equipped with air conditioning, frozen foods, meat, fish, etc. However, Casino is extremely expensive and the produce is not fresh.

At most large intersections there are fruit and vegetable stands. Today I went to the local produce stand to buy our vegetables. This was my first time, as I was still trying to figure out the names of all the fruits and vegetables in French, as well as converting weights for various veggies. Fruits and vegetables are sold in kilos rather than by the piece.

I bought:
demi kilo carrotte
un kilo tomato
cinq cent salade
un kilo onione
un kilo pomme de terre
demi kilo suisse
demi kilo salami
demi demi kilo fraise

Although my accent was terrible, I managed well. I couldn't remember potato in French but pointing helped me get what I needed. It's amazing how good you feel when you try to communicate in an unfamiliar language and succeed. Maybe tomorrow I will try to order meat or fresh fish.

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