Monday, April 8, 2013

First Professional Haircuts

Jet-lagged Laird arrived at the salon in a deep sleep.
At 3 1/2 years old, Laird and Dylan got their first 'professional' haircuts.  For the past few years, Mom, who was self taught with youtube videos, always cut their hair.  Dakar does not have many hairsalons that specialize in cutting 'toubab' hair, not to mention a child-friendly place.

If you know Laird and Dylan at all, then you know they are very active and always on the go.  Cutting their hair often meant chasing them with scissors around the house.  Even the special treat of watching TV wouldn't keep them still.  (Mom admits trimming their hair while they slept.)

As you can imagine, Mom's skills were...well...lacking.  Their cuts looked fantastic in hot and humid Africa as their hair curled beautifully.  But during a recent visit to the cold and dry Northeast, Laird and Dylan's hair flattened out, and exhibited Mom's not so successful haircutting skills.  One word....mullet.

During that visit home, Laird and Dylan received their first haircuts at Envy hair salon in Portland.  Unlike their haircutting activity with Mom, they sat perfectly still for Yvonne who clearly had the magic touch.  In fact, they took quite a liking to her, as they asked if Yvonne could cut their hair again for several weeks after the cut.

Brave Dylan, had his haircut first while enjoying Sesame Street as Laird slept.


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