Monday, April 8, 2013

Jetlagged and Exhausted

When we fly South African Airways, we leave Dakar at midnight to head to the airport after only a few hours of sleep.  We wait 2 hours, then have a 8-9 hour flight to DC.  After going thru customs and getting to our next gate, it is usually around 730 am, or 1230 pm our time.  It has already been a 12 hour long day with little sleep, yet we have a 10 hour layover in DC until our 2 hour flight to Portland!

When you travel like this, you become desperate for even a few minutes of sleep, especially if you are travelling with 2 very active 3-year olds.  After we have breakfast, or in Kelly's case, her beloved buffalo wings and a local microbrew, we roam the airport for awhile, tiring the boys out and find a quiet nook to sleep for a few hours.  Absolute desperation, indeed.

Mom and Laird
Dylan, who fell running on the tarmac.

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