Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3 Weeks

Today is my 3 week anniversary of being at Maine Med.

For 3 weeks, I have worried myself sick, watched endless hours of soap operas, been medicated to the point of seeing double, and have fought the boredom battle.

I have relied on my friends and family, even strangers, with their words of encouragement, home cooked meals, and positive spirit.

Without getting in to too much detail, I would like to share with you that my condition has been stable for 2 weeks now. The boys are measuring perfectly, and kicking up a storm. I am 25 weeks, which is quite early....but the first goal is to make it 28, then 32.

Because I am have been stable for 2 weeks now, I am starting to feel more positive and feel that the boys will make it. Despite the torture of bed rest, I will do this as long as possible. I admire the strength of any mother that has been put on long term bed rest, especially hospital bed rest. I suppose it is strength of being a mother that gets us through...

Thank you to all of you that have reached out. Your support means the world to us. I promise to return phone calls and emails once I am feeling a bit better.



  1. HellllYEAH!

    PS - Liam says he kicked you a$$ at basketball today.

    PPS - He also says, "I la lou Auntie Kully".

  2. You go girl. now you're one more week closer. I think of you often.

  3. My niece, you may recall, had premmies, twin boys, 2 years ago, like less than 3 pounds each. And a few weeks ago she did a marathon in San Francisco for breast cancer research (with her little sister). Each niece dropped about 40 pounds in preparation. Both are back to teaching elementary level in Sacramento. Of course, the boys are doing wonderfully.
    And you will do great too Kelly!