Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Wow, really?"

"Only God knows what tomorrow will bring."

I'd seen that on a sign a few days earlier in a Dakar police station, but now, back in Maine, I was living its message. I was doing something I never thought I'd do... Something I would have bet hundreds of dollars I would never do.

I was driving to Walmart to buy the entire catalogue of episodes ever aired by Sex in the City. It was only when I got back to Kelly's hospital room that I realized I'd just effortlessly shattered two of my biggest hangups: going to Walmart for anything, and trafficking in terrible melodramatic sitcoms.

"Wow, really?" was Kelly's reaction when I delivered the gift I knew would help her through the next month or two of laying flat."You went to Walmart and bought Sex in the City? All by yourself?"

"Yes," I beamed.

It's amazing what love can do.

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  1. NOW that is LOVE....Tooo cute.
    Hugs....keep the oven warm!!!!
    Bigger Hugs!!!