Friday, May 28, 2010

A Deadly Commute

And just when you thought you had seen it all here in Dakar, (like a woman yelping who was possessed by evil spirits, the muslim celebration of Tabaski, and male motorists feeling the right to urinate anywhere and everywhere) you see something that makes you stop and realize that you are indeed living in a third world country.

For example, today while driving home from French school, a small car (an extremely small two door hatchback) filled with six people crammed inside, cut me off in traffic. Oddly enough, there was a homemade coffin strapped to the top of the car. Yes, a COFFIN. And as we could see, the passengers were headed to a burial. Sarah and I could not believe our eyes as we gasped at the sight in front of us - the lid jiggled with each bump on the road. As I hoped and prayed that the lid would stay on, I slowed the car down and backed away after we took this picture for fear that I may rear end this car.

(Note the lid jiggling in the photo).

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