Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The new Robeez...

Yes, if you're a new mom or dad, you know what Robeez are...the shoe that doesn't fall off.

Check out these eco slippers my sister made. They are just like Robeez but made from one of cousin Liam's chenille baby blankets that was in need of recycling. And the little bear appliques were created from the fabric she made bibs out of. Amazing.

And yes, these sweet little slippers can be made to order if you want a pair for your little peanut. What a great way to recycle special blankets or clothing for the new bundle of joy! If you are interested I can forward you her email.


  1. Glad you guys like them :) You are so funny, "And yes, these sweet little slippers can be made to order..." Very infomercial like, hahahah!

  2. YOu guys are probably busy making kitchen curtains from the old party dress! You are amazing! I love the slippers and your wonderful way of making everything seem easy!