Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy 1 Week Birthday Laird and Dylan!

Our Little Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
Thank you Auntie Lindy!

Today our babies are 1 week old. And like any parent would say, they have changed so much since we met them.

Here is an update on the boys… They are thriving in the NICU. Both boys have been breathing room air since they were born and have not needed a breathing tube. Yesterday, to our surprise, Rich and I found our boys in bassinettes rather than the incubators/isolettes. That means that the boys are now able to regulate their temperature. Both boys have lost weight and are now back at their birth weight; Laird has passed his birth weight. Dylan has had a bout of jaundice, which is common with new babies. He is tested every other day to see what his levels are. Both are still being tube fed as they still are trying to figure out how to suck and swallow.

The greatest news is that Laird and Dylan are ready for the ‘Step Down NICU’; however there are no rooms available for them. These two boys are so strong… We are so grateful.

Every day we visit the NICU we realize how truly lucky we are. Your thoughts, prayers, support, and well wishes have certainly made a difference.

Happy 1 week Laird and Dylan. We love you so much.

Update: As of 3 pm, Laird and Dylan were both moved to the ‘Step Down NICU/Continuing Care Nursery’. What an incredible birthday gift.

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