Saturday, January 2, 2010

Waiting, Waiting, and more Waiting

Well, it's been three days since I have been readmitted to the hospital...three days since Richard rushed back from Africa. Despite being quite uncomfortable physically, I am grateful that we have kept these babies inside for three more days. The doctors have told us that each day we stay pregnant is equivalent to two less days in the NICU...

For the last 2 months, I have been in the 'nesting' phase of the pregnancy. I want to clean, but have nothing to clean. I want to set up the babies room, or set up our house in Africa, however all of our belongings are in a cargo ship crossing the ocean. I want to primp and pamper this pregnant body that has gained 35 lbs...but need to lie flat. I want to organize...something...I don't know...

To cure this nesting issue, I have resorted to knitting. And now that I am back in the hospital, I am in a panic trying to finish all of my projects.

I stumbled across a pattern on ravelry that I absolutely adore, although I have not been able to 'felt' the project yet. So far, I am working on my third pair of these adorable slippers.

The pattern is called French Press Felted Slippers by Melynda Bernardi and is available for PDF download on or The pattern is simple, easy to follow, and fast to make. The needles are size 15, which are quite large, and I used the Patons Classic Wool yarn which is about 5$ skein. For shoe size 9, it takes about 1 1/2 skeins, so you will have some leftover.

Here are some images below from ravelry knitters:


  1. Kelly, you're a real trooper!! All three of your boys are lucky to have you! I think the twins started up because they wanted daddy back. When they truly are ready, I know they will be as happy to meet you and Rich as you will be to meet them.

    Today was a 10% off everything at Knitty City. Of course, I missed it, but will go back soon to use a recently received gift card. I'm almost done with Amanda's blanket, and will start on my next project soon. Mounir is going crazy with my yarn beginning to ask for more rights to space in the apt. Maybe it's time to clean out other stuff to make room... Not today.

    Every time I pick up knitting needles I think of you. I've never felted before, but that slipper pattern looks great. You inspired me to venture into making socks. I bought sock yarn at the Sheep and Wool festival, and just bought the needles last week. The socks are third on my list after Amanda's blanket.

    Please keep in touch when you can. Enjoy Rich being around, and enjoy your rest now. You certainly won't have much once the twins come!
    Love you,

  2. I love these Kelly!!! Any interest in selling them?? You guys are doing wonderfully ...hanging in there.......Sooooooooo happy babies are still cookin'!!!!!!!!!!! Big Hugs oxxo