Thursday, January 28, 2010

Welcome Home

The boys came home on Wednesday after only two weeks at the hospital – unheard of for 34-weekers.

We stuffed them into the car after figuring out how the car seats work and took the scenic route home, taking every opportunity for a short pitstop to show them off before hitting Nana’s house on Higgins Beach. We stopped by Great Nana’s house where she rocked Dylan to sleep before we finished the last leg of trip and also stopped by the IGA where they were paid lots of attention by shoppers.

They got lots of hugs and kisses when they arrived and a few sniffs from Pumpkin and Yoda.

After a pretty relaxed first night, we dressed them up today in tie-dyes and yoga pants (thanks Tim and Lindy!!) and took them for a stroll down to the ocean during the light snow flurries.


  1. These pics make it look like having twins is so relaxing, easy and natural! Wow - Kelly you look wonderful. Rich too I guess.

    So happy for you.

  2. They are soooo beautiful! I am so glad you have brought them home! Ireally want to come see them before you all leave!!! Love, Krysi

  3. Dylan and Laird look so happy, healthy and relaxed. What's your secret? Is it that their hats are "Kelly Originals?" Kelly, you and Rich look so happy and relaxed. Your pictures make me smile. Enjoy every waking moment.