Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24th, 2010

Today was my due date.

Despite arriving a month and a half early, the boys are healthy and thriving. They both are gaining weight well and seem to be doing all the things that newborns should be doing.

Next week, the boys are going to be evaluated to see if they are truly six weeks old developmentally. Preemies are often developmentally delayed depending on when they were born and the issues they had. Laird and Dylan only spent two weeks in the NICU, and are extremely healthy. After thinking about this evaluation, I couldn't help but to wonder if it is truly necessary. Does it matter if these boys talk, crawl, or walk a little later than they are 'supposed to'? Sure, it may make a mother worry if there are these delays...and I suppose it would be nice to know where they are at especially if there is some sort of 'delay'.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that most babies will often smile at their parents during their first month of life, which could happen at any time with Laird and Dylan.

I think that when it happens, my heart will melt.

This is a pic of the boys eating in the middle of the night.

And then a half hour later...


  1. Glad to hear they are doing so well. Keep the evaluation appointment - if nothing else, it will be good to hear confirmation of all the positive things you are seeing. Your boys are beautiful!

  2. It must be so cool for them to sleep next to each other every day.
    They look so peaceful and are beautiful. How much are they eating?