Friday, February 26, 2010

Mom's Know Best...

Last night we had an incredible wind and rain storm here in Maine. In fact, winds reached 60 mph and many roads flooded throughout the evening. With every gust of wind, the house shook. Even the water in the toilet bowl shivered.

Before bedtime, Mom ran around the house putting flashlights and camping lanterns in each room. She even cranked the heat so that 'just in case' the power went out, we would be warm for a bit longer. I couldn't help but to chuckle, thinking that this was all overkill. Having lived in NYC for many years and NEVER losing power, the thought did not cross my mind that we would be stuck without power.

Even though the boys have started to figure out nursing, I still have to pump regularly to make sure both boys get enough breastmilk...and to prevent my own pain! For some reason, something told me around 10pm, to get on the breastpump. Sure enough, during the last minute of the pump session, the lights went out. As I sat in darkness hooked up to the pump, I looked over and saw the flashlight that mom left out and laughed out loud.

The boys had their first camping experience as our middle of the night feedings were done in lantern light. I shared with them many stories from Rich and my camping adventures...even the trip in which Rich proposed after a 7 day canoe camping adventure.

After I put them to bed swaddled in fleece and hats on their heads, I thought to myself, 'Mom's Know Best' as I turned the lantern light off.

Camping in La Verendrye Canada

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