Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flight to Senegal

I heart South African Airways.

The flight home to Senegal was smooth thanks to the incredible help from South African Airways staff. At check in and on the flight there were several helping hands making sure that the babies, Rich, and I were comfortable with seating and other issues. The flight was very easy for the boys as they both had bassinette cribs that attached to the wall. The only issue with this was that the boys slept well on the flight, however, were WIDE AWAKE when we got to our home. No chance for Mom and Dad to get some jet lag zzzzzz's.

Rich and Dylan

These are the bassinettes used on international flights.

Dylan getting ready for a snooze.

Laird doing the same.

Laird and I


  1. Ahhhhh.....you have arrived safe. I will spread the word. Catch some z's. Much Love to you 4. Nana / Cilla (miss you)

  2. God bless you on this special journey. Keep blogging, I am counting on it. So glad you are all together again.
    love ya!

  3. Mama must be doing an amazing job feeding the boys. They are so big now. You should be so proud!
    I've never see those international flight bassinets. Did you have to purchase them?

  4. Love you guys!!!
    Michelle, the cribs are free, but need to be reserved when booking the flight. You have to purchase an infant ticket, which was about $100.00. There is lots of leg room as the cribs hook in to the wall right behind business class. Are you traveling soon?
    xo Kelly

  5. Hi Kelly,

    Enjoy every minute! By the way, my husband is Robert Laird.