Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some Funny Shorts

1. As soon as Rich got home from work, I went to the Casino supermarket. Because most places here do not accept Visa, you must always have cash on hand. Rich told me to grab some money from the desk. I took some colorful bills and went on my way.
At Casino, I loaded up the grocery cart. The total came to 75,000 cfa which is about $150. I handed the cashier a 100 bill... but something was wrong. She kept speaking to me in French. I assumed that I didn't have enough, so I gave her more. She still kept talking. And talking. And then, the manager came over and began talking to me in French. I had no idea what was happening... Until I examined the bill I gave her to pay with... it was money from Rich's trip to Kenya. The wrong countries currency. Ugh.

2. Yvonne asked me how often I shave the boys heads. Yes, she thought I had been shaving their heads all this time as black babies are usually born with lots of hair.

3. I downloaded the new episode of Grey's Anatomy. However, it took 11 hours.

4. Every night, we lose not only the power, but the water as well. Toilets do not flush, dishes can not be done, and showers can not be taken. Hmmmmfff..

5. It is far cheaper to have an outfit made by a tailor than to go shopping for one. Basically it is the cost of the fabric. Same thing with having furniture made...basically the cost of the wood.

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