Wednesday, December 2, 2009

28! 28! 28! 28!

Today is week 28...the milestone that we were hoping for. I got up at 6 am because I couldn't wait to cross off today on my calendar with my red crayon. The boys now have a 90% chance of survival with a good NICU. I can't believe I made it this far, considering I checked in here to Maine Med over 6 weeks ago with the situation looking grim.

The boys are very healthy. In fact, they both started hiccuping just a day apart from one another. At first I had no idea what the constant rhythm was hitting my ribs, and had to call a nurse to ask what was happening. The next day, Baby A had the hiccups while I was on the monitor. Talk about amazing.

Baby A is breach, butt down. Baby B is transverse near my ribs, and all of their legs and arms meet in the center of my belly. Because of this, they are constantly pushing against one other, kicking one another, fighting for more space.

For 6 weeks, I have been laying down, shower occasionally, and have only walked five feet to the bathroom. Today, my doctors have told me it is time to sit in the wheelchair once a day for a short while to get out of the room for some 'fresh air'. I suppose they are right, despite how nervous it makes me. I wonder if they think I have lost my mind.

The staff here is amazing. In fact, I adore my doctor here and have become quite attached to a few of the nurses. They see my every mood, and help me fight. They are not just a medical staff, but caregivers. They cheer you on during your darkest days, and are there to celebrate during the milestones. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My sister and Liam are coming in today for the big wheelchair ride. For the first time since my stay here, I hugged sweet Liam on a trip to the bathroom yesterday. That one hug made me so happy. It felt so good. Today I have decided to go to the gift shop and buy myself a treat in celebration of today.

Rich and I are so lucky to have made it this far. Every day is a gift.

30 weeks is the next goal....And even more better...Rich arrives on that day.


  1. Congratulations Kelly. I woke up thinking of you today!!! What a great day. I'm proud of you and can't imagine the happiness you are feeling. Enjoy the ride to the gift shop!!!

  2. I think you'll be pleased to hear that Liam sang himself to sleep saying, "Hello Aunti Kelly belly" - in a really deep menacing voice, just like you taught him:) Happy 28 weeks mama. Keep it going!

  3. I am jodi's friend from college - I believe she sent you an email I sent her. I noticed your blog on her page a while back and find myself constantly checking on you.

    Tears came to my eyes for you today when I checked and it said 28! Congratulations! Having been there, I truly appreciated your excitement with such landmark days! Not only are you happy because your boys are getting bigger and better each day - but I am also appreciate your thrill with getting out of bed for a ride to the gift shop!

    After I had my daughter at 32 weeks (in the hospital from weeks 24-32), I made my husband take me around the neighborhood of the hospital so I could see all the places he had been to, etc. Its crazy what bedrest does to you:)

    Hang in there - I know its a daily emotional and physical battle but you are at such a crucial point in your pregnancy and staying positive every day helps keep things going. I will keep checking Jodi's blog to see your updates....and praying that you get a few more weeks in there. best wishes to you.

    -Alison Donoghue

  4. I know this made your day but you have truly made my day with this news. Yippee! Kelly, every time I pick up my knitting I swear I think of you! Crazy. Keep writing - I look forward to your blog and constantly check it. Rory's also been hearing all the reports as they happen.

  5. All of your comments have made me feel so good and so strong! (And of course Liam made me laugh like crazy!) Thank you for your support! Alison I will email you soon...thanks for reaching out!

  6. WAY TO GO Kelly!!! Your doing an amazing job, keep up the positive outlook I know you will make out just fine!

    I am available to come visit if you want company!



  7. Kelly, I am so happy for you. You've come so far, you'll manage the rest too. Everything will be fine, and once you hold your boys in your arms you'll know it was all worthwhile. Hang in there, thinking about you.
    xoxo ~Dani