Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Count of Monte Cristo

There are only French channels on the cable TV here. I tortured myself when flipping through the stations and excitedly found an episode of 'Friends'. Shock hit me when Ross began speaking to Rachel in French.

For 3 weeks, I have not seen any television as our TV in NYC was packed early. I got a quick fix in NYC when I was able to watch the premiere of 'Grey's Anatomy' at our hotel. Other than that, nothing.

Evening hours in Dakar have been enjoyed with lots of reading, knitting, and long lasting dinners with Rich. The first few days were quite nice and somewhat 'cleansing' to exist without the 'boob tube'. However, it's been 3 weeks now and I would give anything to turn my brain off and veg-out to some TV.

Tonight is Movie Night at the Club Atlantique. The movie starts at 7 showing 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. We have absolutely no idea what the movie is about; all we know is that we are going to enjoy the sweet sound of an English movie....


  1. your blog has been lots of fun to read! post some pixs soon! you'll love the count movie it's one of our favorites! love and miss you and congrats on the twin BOYS!! how exciting!! love you

  2. Do tell what the movie was about! Loving the blog and like the previous comment do post come pics!

  3. Wow Kelly and Rich. What an incredible journey. It sounds like you are settling in and getting connected. Just take it slow and enjoy all of the new firsts....xo-Claudia