Sunday, October 4, 2009

Elisa's Tote

Before I left NYC, some dear friends got me a gift card to my favorite knitting shop, Knitty City on 79th btw Amsterdam and Broadway. I found this lovely Euroflax yarn, which is strong and made of hemp and linen. Of course I bought green and purple (those of you that have been around me the last few years know that I am crazy about these colors)!

I am working on this market bag and will probably give it to our innkeeper when we leave the hotel. Ann is a lovely woman who has taken good care of Rich and I over the last week.

Above is a pic of the original pattern example from one of my favorite sites . The pattern is free and is quite fun with lots of yarn overs and k2g's.

Thank you Norah and Barb!

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  1. I can't knit....I've tried. It's not pretty for anyone watching....generally, I have my tongue hanging out with a bit of drool at the corner of my mouth. hmph. However, I can crochet a pretty kick ass flower! enjoying your blog..... husband Bob Zinchuk sent me your link.