Friday, October 2, 2009

Reminders that you live in a Third World Country

Just a few things we have noted over the last few days we thought were quite funny...

  1. A donkey will deliver your brand new refrigerator.
  2. Some of the potholes are bigger then your bathtub.
  3. Cars that should reside in a junkyard, don't.
  4. Local fruits and vegetables are unrecognizable.
  5. Dust, dust, and more freaking dust.
  6. A simple errand can take hours. And hours.
  7. The locals can't speak English but when they see your Martin guitar, they say 'Ahhh Martin'.
  8. Yes means maybe, or yes, or no.
  9. You can park anywhere you want. You can drive however you like.
  10. Sleeping with a mosquito net around your bed is a necessity, rather than to have a stylish romantic feel.
  11. You need to iron your clothing, even your panties, after it dries on the line outside to kill the bugs.
  12. You can light a fire on the sidewalk to make tea in the afternoon.
  13. You are encouraged to light your paper garbage on fire, rather then disposing of it.
  14. You will not have an address, and will get used to drawing maps for people. No postal service either.
  15. You may lost your routine parking spot in front of the office to a puddle of raw sewage.
  16. People that make less than $10 a month can still have ocean front property.
  17. The lights go our every night for a few hours, whether you want them to or not.
  18. You will no longer wear your favorite perfume, as bug spray will be your new scent.
  19. You will get used to sleeping to the sound of generators.
  20. From now on, every time you get sick, you will not wonder if its simply a cold or flu, but rather if it's yellow fever, malaria, meningitis, or typhoid.
  21. No matter how careful you are with drinking bottled water, washing fruits and vegetables, enjoying drinks with no WILL get travellers diarrhea. It hit me on just day 4 here.

To be continued.

Love to all,

Kelly and Rich


  1. we are all so happy to be reading your blog. you're spirit and energy are inspiring.

    xo andrea

  2. thanks andrea! i've been getting incredible support about the blog; and so glad you all find it interesting. miss you all so much. xo