Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One Week

Today is my one week anniversary of hospital bed rest.

The most difficult part is the mental challenge. Not knowing the future, and trying to stay hopeful is the most difficult and stressful part. I have not taken any wheel chair rides, and shower only once every few days.

The physical struggles are mostly muscular at this point. (I won't get into the gastrointestinal issues of lying horizontal 24 hours a day!) My muscles are softening, and my lower back aches the hours away. During the last two days, I have spent almost 20 minutes trying to rid my hair of knots that have accumulated in the back of my head. Maybe a few dread locks wouldn't be so bad!

A website on bed rest suggested that you should create a schedule for yourself while on bed rest to prevent counting ceiling tiles to pass the time. The teacher in me jumped right on board with this advice. I'm still trying to work this out but it may go something like this:

6-8 am- Wake, breathe, and await Doctors and Nurses
8 am - Order breakfast
8-9 am Eat and Internet
9-10 Knit
10-11 Osteopathic Doctor visit
11-12 ?
12-3 Lunch and Soaps
3-5 This is usually Lindy and Liam time :)
5-8 This is usually Mom, Sandra, and Ange time
8-9 Junk TV
9 -10 Bed

I have never watched so much junk TV in my life. A family member who survived 3 months of bed rest told me that junk TV was her only way to pass time and not 'think' too much. I totally agree. Please dear friends and family, do not worry about my brain going to mush... I still cannot relax enough to read.

I am learning how to type on my side and knit with arms in the air. I still have not mastered drinking laying down, but hopefully will figure that out soon. I have allowed myself to eat sitting up, but still have managed to slop food all over myself.

I have a new respect for anyone who has ever survived a period of bed rest. It is not fun or relaxing in any way. It is scary, emotional, and one of the biggest mental challenges I have ever been through.

My friends and family...I don't know what I would do without you. Your positive spirit, encouragement, advice, and help has meant the world to me. Thank you.

Today is 1 week down. I am 23 weeks. If I could make it to 28, we will be in the safe zone. If I could make it to 32 I would be blessed, and if I could make it to 35 I would be one of the luckiest mommas in the world.

I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.


  1. You can do it Kelly. You are so strong and have such a positive spirit. When I think of you I think of beautiful bright light!! I am saying lots of prayers for you.
    Love you, Kay Kay

  2. kelly - we love you so much, I'm so sorry you have to have this heavy burden on you - but I know already that you can do this and that your twins will be so blessed to have such a wonderful and dedicated mommy - we love you and will try to come and visit as soon as we can!! love you stacy

  3. I love and miss you mama...I cannot say how happy I am that we can talk again every day! God, I really missed you a lot....We are all sending good thoughts from school. Get Rescue Me DVDS nothing like some hot firemen to make the time pass.

  4. I think of you every day and send blessings your way. Try some music, and know that we all care so much and wish we could be with you.

  5. You most def. can do this Kelly....Absolutely YOU can!!! The Twinnies can't wait to meet their mommie and daddy!!!!
    Hugs....keeping u all in prayers