Sunday, October 4, 2009

Here Comes the Sun...

The last few days here in Dakar have been wonderful. Things have really taken a turn. The airport trauma has finally left our systems, and we are both starting to see the incredible beauty in this foreign land.

Rich has surfed the last few days head high waves and is in heaven. We have both started to feel better about this move for various reasons...
  • Our house is lovely. We are so excited to get it up and running.
  • Our doctor here in Dakar is incredibly knowledgeable, caring, comforting, and reassuring with this pregnancy abroad.
  • I have signed up for intensive French Language classes starting tomorrow.
  • We have found an American Club for US citizens only equipped with a gorgeous pool and... lots of ENGLISH SPEAKERS!
  • The traveller's stomach has left my system.

Not to mention one important thing: The Senegalese are EXTREMELY friendly. Once you leave the airport gates, people will wave and smile at you from across the road. Waitstaff at restaurants shake your hands and welcome you into their restaurant. If I could describe the Senegalese right now with one word, I would say 'friendly'.

Today for the first time, I drove around this city while Rich was at work. This may seem like no big deal...but to me, it was quite the accomplishment. There are few street signs here, I do not speak the language, and before today, I was scared to death of getting lost. How could I ask and understand how to get home? But, today was a success. I got my bearings, and spent a few hours cruising around with the windows down, ocean air filling the car, and rocking out to the most wonderful African music on the radio. I discovered many markets with local goods, some French bakeries, practiced driving to my French school, and even managed to locate Rich's office.

Today was a very good day. I think I am starting to appreciate being here.


PS. Please know that if you visit us here, Rich and I will make sure we are at the airport before you arrive so you do not experience what we did:)

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  1. I am soooo happy it is a better day Kelly!!! Keep thinking about what makes u happy! What an adventure so far!! OMG!!! Can't wait to meet the "boys!" You drove by yourself??!! You are a very brave woman!! :)