Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some quickies...

It's a Small World
Last night at dinner, I heard what seemed to be an American English accent saying, 'Kelly, is that you?' Shocked that anyone knew me here, I surprisingly said 'Yes'. Sure enough, they too were an expat family from Washington DC living in Dakar since last December. Julie explained that word has gotten out through the expat community in Dakar that 'a nice American pregnant white woman named Kelly' has just arrived in Dakar. We spent some time talking with her and her family. Coincidentally, she happens to be a mid-wife here in Dakar; we are setting up prenatal classes with her.

Small Accomplishments
Today was the first day I ate at a restaurant without Rich, who translates the menu and orders for me in French.
I was determined to give it a try by myself. I went to a lunch cafe that we have been to a few times. On the drive there, I practiced ordering my large bottle of water, nem, and falafel sandwich.
Sure enough, when the waitress came over I said 'Bonjour. Ca va? Je voudrais un grande bouteille de l'eau, et falafel, et un nem. ' I'm not sure how good my accent was but she seemed to understand as she said, 'Merci' and left with a smile. I let out a big sigh of relief and an incredible sense of accomplishment came over me.
Now don't be mad mom, but it seems I forgot my manners. The only thing I forgot to say was please, rather 'sil vous plait'.
Next time.

The Twinnies are Kicking
The last two days have been quite exciting. The boys have been moving and kicking up a storm. I have felt some subtle internal kicks for a few weeks, but today as I sat down with my hands crossed on my tummy, I felt a big kick on my hand. At first it scared me and I immediately jumped and pulled my hand away....forgetting for a moment that it was a growing baby inside.


  1. Isn't it so wierd at first with the kicking? Just wait it gets even better! When are you going to post some pics of our place there?

  2. Betsy it was sooooo weird! I really didn't know what it was at first! We will post pics and video as soon as our shipping container arrives....The cords are in the container:( How are you and how is maine?

  3. I agree with the kicking--at first I used to imagine every move was a kick, and then you could see the image of the foot on your belly, and the elbow in your ribs!
    Love reading your blog, Kel. Inspired me to write my own (not brave enough to publish it yet!). Look forward to pregnant pics of you!

  4. Makes it seem even more real, doesn't it?! Just wait 'til one of them gets hiccups like their Mommah did!! oxoxox Mummah

  5. Ahhhhhhh......such a memorable experience!!! All sounds pretty good in your notes!!! Meeting "Mommah" for suppah tonite....Hugs